BeerSmith Mobile Home Brewing App Reviews

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Great app

Great app for beer making.. should have a place to inform the OG achieved to calculate the brewhouse efficiency, and FG to Real ABV...

Great Potential

I really love the app and the cloud service. My only complaint is that it needs to be more similar to the desktop. I have had the desktop for years and love it, especially the newest update. Please update the app to be more seamless to the desktop version.

Amazing App

This is an amazing asset to my brew day and with developing recipes.

Much improved still needs something

I got this app when it first came out and I was very disappointed with the lack user friendliness. Customer service was great and returned my money. I decided to give it another try and I am very happy with the changes. BeerSmith mobile is seamlessly integrated with the desktop version and allows full recipe creation and editing on a mobile device. The cloud sharing is great. The only thing I wish this app had is a way to track batch stages, something that showed a calendar that would notify you when the stage (secondary, cold crash, carbonation) is due. Competitors have this function and it is the only thing that they do better. Great job beer smith!

Great app, but needs just a tad more...

I love this app, and I use it a lot when Im at work and have an idea for a recipe. That being said I cant always make the recipe I want because the mobile app doesnt always have an ingredient that I want to use. I wish there was a way to do the add-ons like the desktop version. I know there is a work around to get ingredients and profiles on the mobile app by saving them from a recipe made on the desktop version, but that is a pain and doesnt mean I will have an ingredient I want in the future. As of now I have to write in the notes section to add a missing ingredient to the recipe when I get home to my laptop. If there was a way to sync ingredients and profiles from the desktop to mobile over the cloud server that would be great, or an option for add-ons in the mobile app. If the session data was as in-depth as the desktop version and I could match the add-ons to my desktop version easily, this would be a 5 star app for sure. *update* Another set of features that are on the desktop that would be great to have included on the mobile app is the shopping list and inventory. Making the shopping list and inventory sync to the cloud so they are available in your pocket when you are out shopping would be extremely helpful.

Needs some improvements

I love using BeerSmith on my Mac, but the mobile version really needs some more of the features that are only available on the computer version.

Essential Tool

I dont normally write reviews, but I must for this app. I have been using BeerSmith since I started Home Brewing. The app is loaded with essential information. Nearly a one stop app. Brad, the author has ported a mountain of knowledge into this app. Its a bargain for the price. It helped me better understand the numerous variables in brewing. Cheers!

Missing some important things

Overall this app is okay... but its missing some of those "no-brainer" type things that should absolutely be included in a mobile app. My biggest issue: why is inventory and shopping list not available? I would think that would be one of the most beneficial things to have on your phone. Im out at the Homebrew shop picking up some stuff... and I forget if I indeed have that 8oz of specialty malt I need... this app is entirely useless here.

Great app. Works wonderfully

I have been a home brewer for years. This app really does the job. I wish the developers would add a function to add pictures. I do a lot of documentation with pictures. And to have it built in the app would be great.

Bad software, not for iphone, but good tool

Its not working on iphone. Back buttons doesnt work!!!

Not Working

Its not working on iOS 9!!!! F**k...

Horrible web app...

Perfect example why wrapping your web app in an iOS app is a terrible idea. Slow, very bad UX, just all around weird and not fun to use. 2 stars because the system is actually quite good, but the iOS "app" is really, really bad. Developers should be ashamed to put this web crap out...

High hops not fulfilled

I had high hopes for this app. The back bone is could be great. Its just slow when you click buttons like edit and save etc.. And it is twitchy, resulting in lost recipes. Im back to excel spreadsheets now.

Cant track actual batches youve brewed.

The app is good, but needs a few more features. You should be able to start a brew session, and then track and save it right until the end of the process... Brew, ferment, bottle/keg, tasting. And save note per the particular batch. Not just notes on the recipe. It would help when you discover youve tried a different process at particular step. You can then say that made your brew better or worse.

Should be much better

Powerful app but difficult to learn (and Im not new to brewing). Slow and confusing recipe entry process. Great that there is access to recipes.

No log of batches brewed

The recipe portion of it is great, but what good is it without a log of batches brewed.


Its a lightweight version of the desktop program. Needs an update to reflect current BJCP styles

Unable to scale recipe or create equipment profile

This is a very disappointing app if you want to scale to a larger volume thats greater than 10 gallons. I tried everything I could to build a larger equipment profile to match my 27 gallon system. The software allowed me to create a new profile but it always defaulted to a 5 gallon batch even after entering 27 gallons.

Update anytime soon?

Having a hard time using Beersmith since iOS9 update; lots of buttons arent working anymore (most notably the "back" and "save" buttons). I do hope theres a patch coming up since I cant use Beersmith as it is...


Hello, good program, but I cant find "dilution tool" like on PC version. It would be fine if you realize it.

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